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How We Can Help

The Winfield Community Foundation has three primary areas of interest:

We work with donors to establish permanently endowed funds.

We provide grants for community programs, projects and needs.

We are a community leader and convener.

At the Winfield Community Foundation, we believe that Winfield is a great place to live that gets better all the time.

Part of what makes Winfield great is our commitment to each other. This is a place where people care. Where people want every neighborhood to prosper, every school to thrive, every child to flourish . . .

Not just their own.

The Foundation was founded by Winfield residents who believed in the future of our community — and we continue to serve that future.

We want to make it easier for the people of Winfield to help each other.

We’re working to determine our community’s greatest needs; to build up its nonprofits; and to find new ways for people to come together to give.

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