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Dear Winfield Teachers,


The Winfield Community Foundation is now seeking proposals for our annual round of scholarship grants. Grant amounts up to $250.00 will be considered.


The criteria for judging proposals include the following:  

  • A successful project involves students in a dynamic unit of study with student activities.  All materials, equipment, and professional development must support the unit of study.


  • Proposals that demonstrate positive impact on the school community as well as the Winfield community as a whole and show true innovation are given top consideration.


  • The project must demonstrate thorough planning.  The activities and budget must be specific and well thought out.      


  • Cost-effectiveness is critical.  The grant committee judges the proposal on the total amount requested, as well as the cost per student.  


  • Proposals are to be a two page typed document, in Word, responding to the grant requirements stated on the following page.  Only complete proposals will be considered.


Other aspects to consider:

  • Applicants may only apply for one grant per round. Either as an individual or grade level.


  • Applicants must be current staff at a licensed school/preschool within Winfield Township


  • Projects involving college credit, salaries, incentives, stipends, food, travel or registration fees are not allowed.​


  • During your project take pictures or video and send to the social media director Jeff Baird at, to help bring recognition to you and your students.  This allows us the opportunity to share your success with others through various media sources.




WCF Grant Committee        




Type or word process the grant proposal by completing all the following information:

Part I

Step 1: Title (five words or less):


Step 2: Project Director:


Step 3: School(s):


Step 4: Grade Level(s) and or Subject Area(s):


Step 5: Number of Students Participating:


Part II

Step 6: Purpose:


Step 7: What activities will the students complete (be specific)?


Step 8: When will the project take place?


Step  9: How long will your project last?

Step 10: Summary

Part III

Step 11: Amount Requested:


Step 12: Detailed Budget:

The budget must list specific items you will purchase.  Remember to include shipping charges and other “hidden” fees.  All budget items must be relevant and crucial to the success of the project. Cost-effectiveness is essential.  If you are receiving additional funding for this project from another source, please indicate.  

Step 13: Can you use this project in the future without additional cost?


Your dedication to go “above and beyond” is noteworthy!


Completed applications can be submitted from October 7, 2020 until November 18, 2020 to


Notification of awards will occur by

December 1, 2020.

Taking Education And Pride In Our Community To New Heights!

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